Hi there, welcome to my Empire. Feel free to have a quick look and contact me if I can be of any assistance. Cheers, Padrino Ideas. Fortuna mihi Deus ad mea. Fortuna praemium pecunia.

Padrino Ideas is M+ person, and have Tendency to cling to the object (thing, person), enjoymentpleasure, serenity cheerfulness, good nature, capriciousness, anxiety about losing object. Carefree cheerfulness, constant optimism, good heartedness, constant optimism, enjoyment of life, many activities, varied events, great work and life capability, good reality sense, realism, materialism, ease in acquiring money, squandering money, making debts, bearing of life´s problems with lightness and good humor, good nature, sense of humor, facetiousness, ability to convince, readiness to debate, quick anger with quick fading, constantly making plans, being religius without holding to form of rituals. 

Chief sense, reality perception: taste

The M+ person desires many object as sources of pleasure and support. The m plus individual have an ability to give love and emotional support to the love object. He does not have great tolerance for frustration. The M+ person optimistically looking for happines in relations to persons and the enviroment. 

The Functions and Career Ideas

Professional object: food, drinks, speech. 

  • to joke, to chatter, to tell, to narrate (master of ceremonies, cabaret master of ceremonies, fantastic or exaggarated story telling, using wit, humor and narration)
  • to talk, to speak, to telephone, to report, to lecture, to recite (reporter, politican, radio or TV speaker, telephone speaker concierge, speech teacher)
  • to greet, to welcome, to make contact (being in a partnership type of occupation, trade, salesperson, catering trade)
  • to discuss, to negotiate, to sell (salesperson, trader or negotatior)
  • to intepreter, to translate (intepreter of forgein language, translator)
  • to sign, to play a wind instrument, to sound (singer, wind instrumentalist)
  • to communicate, to give information, to transmit, to make known, to orient, to informa (giver of information, advisor, consultant, teacher, journalist)
  • to speak artistically, to recite, to declaim (actor, reciter, dramatis and writer)
  • to eat, to drink, to eat sweets (nourishment materials and occupations concerned with drinks such as kitchens and hotels)
  • to test with taste buds, to sample food (wine tester, coffee tester)
  • to nourish, to feed, to give food and drink (restaurant worker, service employee, berkeeper, bar server)
  • to prepare food, to cook (cook, landlord, hotel owner and workers)
  • to produce or sell food or food stuffs (baker, pastry cook, maker of food and worker in food factory)
  • to sell food or food stuffs (food salesperson)

P+ Factor: 

Tendency to extroversion. Passion, ardor, vehemence, enthusiasm, reveling, obsession, partiality, pathos feelings rank feelings, position and status feelings, bossiness, a doer, a maker, constructor, creative. 

Chief sense, reality perception: smell, hearing

The P+ person is idealistic, strong on words and has grandiose view of self. 

The Function and career ideas P+: 

Professional object: pragmatic, analytic knowledge - psyhology, psychiatry, medicine, chemistry, music, mysticism, mithology, occultism. 

  • to meditate, to philosophize, to imagine, to muse (philosopher, humanities or arts scholar, mystic, founder of religion in college or school, using intelligence, insight, ideas, intuition, meditation, illumination about unknown, the unresearched, and the unconscious, the world of religion, philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism and the occult)
  • to see and to grasp intuitively connections and relationships, to combine, to solve problems, to urriddle, to have psychological understanging (psychologist, psychiatrist, careers´advisor, history researcher, archeologist, who works independent of place)
  • to investigate, to interrogate, to spy out, to be a detective, to sound out, to ferret out, to track down, to sniff out (jurist, criminologist, prosecuting attorney, judge, detective, spy, auditor)
  • to inquire, to explore, to find out, to discover, to test, to detect and to seek the new and the unknown (researcher, inventor, chemist, physicist, astronomer, research physician, pharmacist, futurologist, inventor of machines, discoverer in a research lab, expedition, natural science and technical research)
  • to design, to be creative, to write poetry, to write music, to compose (artist, painter, sculptor, composer, writer, film director, fashion designer, couturier, creative architect in art studio, using creative fantasy, imagination, images representations, and symbols)
  • to immerse oneself into something, to empathize (conductor, musician, psychiatrist, criminologist, simultaneous translator, psychiatrists and psychologists)
  • to persuade, to talk a person into something, to convert, to suggest, to hypnotize, to make promises, to awaken hopes (politician, advertising expert, genius about selling things, and religious and social renovator)

Additional characteristic 

Reaction H+- S0

  • An active repression of libidinal drives and aggresive feelings. the sublimation of libidinal energy in some social or professinal activity.

Reaction E0 Y-

  • Fears and anxiety

Reaction K- P+

  • Self-aggressive ego
  • A break up with a loved one (spouse/mother/father/son/dother, friend, idea etc.)
  • This ego pattern is relativly widespread among those engaged is relatively in services such as waiters, barbers etc...

Reaction D-M+

  • To persuade, to talk a person into something, to convert, to suggest, to hypnotize, to make promises, to awaken hopes (politician, advertising expert, genius about selling things, and religious and social renovator)

"Bring peace withing your self and it will spread through the world."

Message from the Lion: "Be bold and take a position of leadership. People need you!"

Message from the Cat: "You are self-sufficient and sovereign beign. You don´t need to depend on anything or anyone else to achieve happiness in your life." 

"You are the architect of your life. Be creative!"

"Get rid of the past, and start afresh!"

"Keep a steady pace and don´t give up. You will overcome any obstacle."

Massege from the Beaver: "It is now time to act. Don´t wait to be perfect before making your next step, perfection comes with practice." 

Thank You God (Source & Universe) for helping me to learn from past. Thank you for teachnig me the value of my past lessons so I can grow from them. Thank you for releasing all emotional trauma that may be held in my body on a phyisical and cellular level, that could be causing me to re-live the past over and over again. Thank you for helping me to release all beliefs held in my subconscious mind that I created from past hurtful experiences that no longer serve me. Thank you for helping me to feel safe as I begin to create new beliefs and belief systems that support me to make decision from my heart instead of from fears that represent the past. Thank you for ushering in new loving circumstances that represent this on-going change that I am choosing to make. And so it is!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

Step to live in the moment:

It is time for you to look around and notice the blessings that are right in fron of you. Notice the relationships that you could develop if you were present. Become aware of the good that is all around you. Even if you cannot see it, close your eyes and ask your inner guidance to show you something that you may be missing. Get quite, get still, surrender and go within, it is time to live again! You can and will create something new, and if you allow yourself to learn from the past, your ability to create will be even more powerful than before. Let go, fogive and move forward now. 

You  may feel as if you are in the waiting room of life, if you feel like there is no movement, it is most likely because you are experiencing a lesson that is required for your spiritual growth at this time. This is a soul lesson, something that you need to understand and learn before you end this cycle and begin new one. The way to find these lessons is to look for repeated patterns. Do you have unhealthy relationships patterns, or sitations that seems to repeat themselves like a broken record? If you do, take a very close look at these situations and ask yourself what it is you need to learn from this so you can move foreward. You could be breaking free from old beliefs such as fear, poverty consciousness, or unhealthy / disfunctional relationships. I will encourage you to do the inner work necessary to learn soul´s lession. Then you can apply these lessons to open new door that you never thought were possible. Go within an you will soon see the beauty in this situation. When you learn this lession, you will finaly be free to choose a new song and dance."